Sushi Bar Entree:

Served with Soup Salad

Dinner for one

Sushi Combo Regular

- 6 pcs Assorted sushi,kamikaze tuna roll,and a hall roll choice a hand roll of California,spicy salmon,eel avocado eel cucumber or bake salmon avocado


Sashimi Regular

- 12 pcs of assorted fish



Sushi-Sashimi Combo

- 5pcs. of sushi,6 pcs. of sashimi and salmon


Vegi Roll Combo

- Mixed vegetable roll wrapped in soy bean paper,and a choice of avocado roll,cucumber roll,kampoyo,or oshinkoroll


Roll Combo

- Spicy salmon and choice of Boston,shrimp tempura,or kamikaze tuna roll.



Dinner for two

Sushi Combo Deluxe

- 10 pcs assorted fish migiri sushi,and choice of 2 rolls
-Spicy tuna or Salmon
-Dragon eye
-Kamikaze Tuna or Salmon
-Shrimp Tempura


Sashimi Deluxe

- 22 pcs of assorted slice fish



Sushi-Sashimi Deluxe

- 10 pcs of variety nigiri sushi,12 pcs of sashimi and a spicy tuna roll



Roll Combo Special (cannot be same roll)

1. Choice of 2 rolls below

-Shrimp tempura
-Mix Vegetable Tempura
-Kamikaze tuna or salmon
-Sumo or Dragon Eye
-Eel Avocado or cucumber
-Mix Vegetable or Centre Garden

2. and Choice of 2 rolls Below

-Spicy Tuna
-Spicy Salmon
Avocado or cucumber
-Y.T scallion
-Salmon Avocado
-Avocado Cucumber
-Tuna Avocado


Maki & Tamaki Hand Roll :

Cut in 8 pcs per Roll








Yellow Tail Scallion


Salmon Avocado


Tuna Avocado



Salmon,avocado and cucumber



Fried soft shell


Chicken Tempura

Rolled in Futomaki style(Seaweed outside & cut in 5 pcs)



Shrimp,avocado,lettuce,and mayo,cucumber


Spicy California


Spicy Tuna Crunchy



Spicy Salmon Crunchy


Spicy Yellow Tail



Smoked salmon,cream cheese,cucumber





Shrimp Tempura

Avocado,cucumber,lettuce,spicy mayo,shrimp tempura


Eel Cucumber or Avocado


Shrimp Cucumber


Crab Stick


Shrimp Avocado


Addition of: Cucumber or avocado or spicy sauce extra $1.00/roll Special wrap roll with say bean paper extra $1.00/roll extra charge for roll or a la carte sushi/ nigiri used brown rice. Rolled in Cucumber $2.50/Roll Spicy Mayo $0.50/Roll

Vegetarian Roll or Hand roll :

Vegetable Tempura





Avocado Cucumber


Asaparagus Tempura







Mix Vegetable


Sweet Potato Tempura


Shitake Kappa


Chef Special Roll:

Kamikaze Tuna

Spicy tuna,cucumber,avocado,caviar and crunchy


Kamikaze Salmon

Spicy salmon,Cucumber,avocado,caviar and crunchy



Kamikaze Crab Stick

Spicy crab stick,cucumber,avocado,caviar and crunchy


Cali Special

Crab stick cucumber,avocado baked salmon,lettuce with caviar outside



Crab stick,cucumber,avocado,caviar & spicy mayo with smoked salmon on top



Spicy tuna,shrimp tempura,cucumber



Smoked eel,crab stick,tamago,cucumber,avocado,scallion,caviar and spicy mayo


Dragon Eye

Deep fried roll of salmon,scallion,caviar served with spicy mayo & eel sauce


Creamy Eel

Deep fried roll of smoked eel,white tuna,cream cheese,avocado,caviar and cucumber served with spicy mayo and eel sauce


California Dreaming

Snow Crab,shrimp,avocado,tamango,asparagus topped with caviar.


Surf and Turf

Lobster,cucumber,caviar,spicy mayo and crunchy topped with tuna and white fish


Electric Avenue

Spicy tuna,avocado and crunchy with Eel and fried leeks on top


Sea Breeze

Lobster,tuna,crab stick and lemon rolled in cucumber(no rice)


Salmon Lover

Spicy salmon crunchy,caviar,cucumber and lemon with fresh salmon on top



Flash Rainbow

California roll covered with tuna,salmon and white fish with special sauces


Regular Dragon

Crab stick cucumber roll covered with avocado


Green Dragon

Eel cucumber covered with avocado


Killer Bee

Spicy salmon crunchy mango,cucumber,honey,masago covered with salmon and tuna



Shrimp tempura,avocado,cucumber,lychee,green onion,vaviar,crunchy on top rolled in soy paper.



Shrimp tempura,avocado,cucumber,caviar,grilled salmon with spicy sauses.Rolled in soy paper.



Extra spicy shrimp tempura with white tuna,avocado,rolled in soy paper.


Spicy Eel special

Spicy salmon covered with grilled eel served with two types of sauce on top


Lobster Lover

Lobster tempura,caviar,spicy sauces,avocado,with teriyaki sauce on top



Salmon,Tuna,white fish,kani,spicy mayo rolled in cucumber(no rice)